Brittany (mizbhavnblond) wrote in degrassi_film,

My challenge entry.

Contains Spoilers....

Btw, The links on the picture are different from the link on the text. So if one runs out, try the other.

Choices: Craig, Manny and JT

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I really liked it, I think it was really good how you included the sound to hear what they were saying to have it fit with the video. :D
thanks. Im glad you like it.
that was really good!
thank you.

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try now. It should work.

Deleted comment

hehe, i fixed it again, try now lol.


March 25 2005, 08:28:32 UTC 11 years ago

it's still not working, lol.
lol, ok try now. I just re-uploaded it so it should be good for 7 days.
can you re upload it again. It expired
Sure. I'll redo it as soon as I get back to my own computer...maybe tomorrow or tuesday.
Ok, I re-uploaded it. The picture link should last longer then the text link, so you know.
still doesn't work

The links to the video are no longer working. Could you please reupload it?
I cant right now, and probably not for a while because my computer that has the video is broken and i didnt send it to my laptop. When i get my desktop computer fixed I will gladly reupload it.
Thank you. Please let me know when it is uploaded again.